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TV Style Game Shows for your Event!

Welcome to Game Show Gurus. Game Show Gurus produces TV like game shows for all ages and for many types of audiences. 

We especially like high level game shows for event marketing, trade shows, casinos,and high level corporate events. For this, we developed our "Five Star" production division. 

We create and execute turnkey and budget friendly interactive games and game show for your trade show booth. Game Shows create a high energy atmosphere, encourage audience participation and create a 360 brand experience. Add a voice to your next event. Create excitement about your products. Get everyone involved. Bring people together. Grab their attention. Give away valuable prizes. We keep your guests in suspense. We can use a standard game show activity or create something unique. Your event is a winner.

Five Star (5-Star) game show events have high end displays, graphic backdrops, tons of truss, scanning lights, and tend to be a lot more show.

Pipe and Drape is replaced by solid wall graphic backdrops. Various sizes of truss are used for contestant booths and counters. Added are multi color lights, extra robotic lighting is set up, and the general overall look is upgraded. This takes more time to set up, more staff to run, and thus costs a little more, but it is definitely worth it.  But don't fear, we still can work within budgets better than any other company for comparative services in this recession economy.  

To keep your costs down, we keep our web sites simple. We would rather invest our time in you and your project.

5-Star production can be used for any type of event, but most appropriate for:  


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